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Water and Hydrocarbon Recovery with the use of Microwaves
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Qmast LLC has developed a revolutionary technology for the removal of hydrocarbons from oil shale, tar sands, tight shales, and conventional oil and gas reservoirs using a High Power Microwave (HPM) system. A prototype system of 500 kilowatts (equivalent to 500 microwave ovens) has been built and tested (the system pictured above was designed to remediate contaminated soils). Building on the success of the prototype system, the HPM system extends the technology to oil and gas applications by using a conventional well with a phased-array antenna to emit a focused high energy microwave beam that selectively heats water and hydrocarbons, fractures the rock, and efficiently removes hydrocarbons.The HPM system can replace conventional hydrofracturing and eliminate the need for large quantities of water and chemicals that are injected into the ground and the associated disposal costs. The system is an environmentally sound method for hydrocarbon extraction and provides significant benefits for carbon sequestering.

Our web site provides information on this exciting technology. Please enjoy reading about the HPM system and contact us with any questions.

Company News:
Qmast welcomes Dr. Adil Al Yoonus as company Vice President of Leasing and Ken Alico as Vice President of Finance.

An article in the New Scientist Magazine covers the High Power Microwave System. Read a copy of the article here: New Scientist Magazine Microwave Alternative to Fracking

Peter Kearl gave a presentation at the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center in November 2012 on the High Power Microwave System.

Lindsey Bierer and Peter Kearl attended the 2013 Oil, Gas, and LNG Seminar at Eagle Nest sponsored by Ecology and Environmental Inc. Mr. Kearl gave a presentation on the high power microwave system and potential applications for the Oil and Gas Industry.

Peter Kearl, a Managing Member of Qmast, presented a paper on microwave applications in the oil field at the Global Petroleum Show in Calgary.