Peter Kearl, the inventor and holder of the several High Power Microwave (HPM) patents, provides unique experience across several technical disciplines. While a research scientist at the U.S. DOE’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory, he served as project manager for the high power microwave program. The program was initiated in 1992 as a cooperative program with Oak Ridge National Laboratory for the heating and removal of dense non-aqueous liquids (DNAPLs) legacy hazardous waste at DOE facilities. Theoretical, experimental, and laboratory testing of the HPM system, capable of radiating 500 KW of energy into the subsurface, was demonstrated. Mr. Kearl’s experience and know-how relative to microwave technology and its propagation characteristics in the subsurface are unique. In addition, Mr. Kearl has strong relationships with world-class equipment manufacturers and prestigious government research facilities. He is the co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Qmast LLC.

Edwin Hartz has a degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Colorado and a degree in law from Seton Hall University and New York University. He worked in the microwave lab at the National Bureau of Standards while attending engineering school and worked at Bell Telephone Laboratories while in law school. He is admitted to practice in Colorado and California and spent 32 years with the patent law firm of Christie, Parker & Hale in Pasadena, California. At the firm, with over 50 personnel, he was a managing partner for a number of years. He concentrated on litigation and is admitted to many Federal Courts in Colorado and California and to the U. S. Supreme Court. He brought a landmark patent license case to the U. S. Supreme Court while at Christie, Parker & Hale. Mr. Hartz is the Chief Consul for Qmast LLC.

Lindsey Bierer has over 30 years of experience in energy project development. Responsibilities have included corporate strategy and planning, project management, regulatory compliance, environmental assessment, and proposal/business development. Project types have included oil and gas exploration, natural gas and oil pipelines, uranium mining, coal gasification and liquefaction, and biofuels. For much of the past 5 years Mr. Bierer has provided business development support and consulting to a major energy technology organization for the development of alternative transportation fuels. His broad contact base of clients includes many major oil and gas companies, mining companies, national laboratories, and state and federal agencies to include the BLM, DOI, DOE, and EPA.  Mr. Bierer heads up our business marketing department.

Dr. Adil Al Yoonus, Vice President of Leasing, has a PhD in Electronic Engineering from the University of London. Dr. Adil has 27 years experience in business finance and formulating policies regarding capital requirements for a business. In addition to finance of businesses he understands the mechanics of a business operation. He has an international business which includes oilfield services.

Kenneth Alico, Vice President of Finance, has been a Certified International Financier. He structured financing for projects including putting secondary sources of repayment in place for international businesses. His previous experience includes being a Certified Public Accountant and a Certified Fraud Examiner. Ken has extensive experience in management and accounting systems.


Dr. George Caryotakis is an internationally recognized expert in klystron tube design—the heart of the microwave system. Dr. Caryotakis’ is a consultant for the field demonstration and design of future generations of low costs durable klystron tubes.

Marc Fischer is a Math and Computer Science lecturer at Colorado Mesa University He will assist in numerical modeling and software development for system controls.